ASK THE EXPERT: Navigating the City of Richmond Business License Process

Every month, JWC members have the opportunity to attend our “Ask the Expert” series: a time when we bring in experts to share their insights on important aspects of running a business, and members get their very specific questions answered. In June 2021, we partnered with the City of Richmond’s Office of Minority Business Development to do a special Ask the Expert session open to the general public about the business licensing process in the City of Richmond. The session was conducted by Alida Rogers and Annette Stokes. Tune in below for the replay, which includes walking through all of the steps needed either to setup your business in the City, to do business in the City or to renew your business license.



Resources shared in the video:

LaQuiana Bailey “Q” Program Manager

Office of Minority Business Development

City of Richmond




Forms for Business Licensing:

Business Licensing Office Location:

City of Richmond Dept of Finance

City Hall Building

900 E. Broad Street

Room 103